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Do Not Go Quietly Book

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Real Solutions and Empowering Strategies For People Who Weren’t Born Yesterday

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Sage wisdom from George & Sedena Cappannelli, inspiring truth-tellers and passionate, articulate spokespeople for a vast generation whose issues are being ignored and whose talents, experience & wisdom are not being honored.

Do Not Go Quietly Is A Book For …

DoNotGoQuietly-Cover300GenXers (40 to 45), Boomers (46 to 64) and Elders (65+) who want to reconnect with or recommit to their dreams, share their wisdom and experience, create a legacy of genuine value for those who will come after them and who understand that the best is yet to come!

It is also for those under 40 who want to better understand the road they will soon be traveling, the one their parents, older friends, and relatives are now on, and a lot more about the remarkable and complex future they will soon be responsible for.

Within the pages of Do Not Go Quietly, you will discover…

· How to apply the time – whether years or decades – during this gift that is your life to harvesting the wisdom and experience of your past and turning them into gold you can invest in the present and future;

· How to live with greater mindfulness in each present moment so that you can more fully live the dream you came here to live and heal any wounds that may encumber us and that we may, in turn, visit upon others and on our planet;

· How to chart a more harmonious, joyful and successful course for their you future so that you will be able to say with pride – “We have run the course to the best of our abilities and we will leave behind a legacy of genuine value for those who come after us.”

About Living Your Dream …

Some people see the years after 50 as a time of decline; a kind of afterthought to their years of accomplishment; a time when the best years are behind them and their only option is to retire to the sidelines and settle for a more restricted and limited life. And then there are those who do not buy into America’s obsession with youth and aversion to aging. They are still vital, still engaged, still making a difference. They approach their days with passion, a willingness to learn, the desire to share what they know and to use the time they have remaining – whether years or decades – to create a meaningful legacy for those who will come after them!

George and Sedena Cappannelli’s Do Not Go Quietly, A Guide To Living Consciously and Aging Wisely For People Who Weren’t Born Yesterday, speaks eloquently and from the heart to both groups. It offers inspiration, information and encouragement to those who may have lost touch with their dreams. And it serves as a clarion call and valuable handbook for those who say, “We still matter! Do not disregard us. We have much to offer the world and we will!”

The book also reminds everyone that the world ahead will present serious challenges and remarkable opportunities and that unless we are prepared and work in concert with each other, our future will be determined by others who do not honor elders and the essential role they must play in creating a sane and sustainable future.

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“George and Sedena Cappannelli are the real deal. Their coaching work with world-class organizations and individuals gets to the heart of the matter. And when it comes to transformation, it is certainly the wisdom of the heart that matters most.”

Writer, O, The Washingtonian, Melina Bellows