Guided Imagery

Welcome to our Do Not Go Quietly Reader Support Page

As promised in the book, we are including a number of guided imagery processes, copies of the Wheel of Life Diagram and a special section on self skills.  We trust you will find each of these helpful and that they will add to your journey of living consciously and aging wisely.

Section One – Do Not Go Quietly Guided Imagery Processes

For maximum results, we recommend that you listen to each of these envisionings at the appropriate place within the book. In this way they will contribute substantially to your experience. Once you have done that, you are invited to return to this section and participate in each as often as you choose.  Click here to sign up for the audio delivery of the following items.

River of Time Envisioning

Forgiveness Envisioning

Death Envisioning

Life Envisioning

Reuniting Past, Present & Future Envisioning

Section Two

101 Ways to Live the Life You Were Born To Live