Unique Book Features

Practical Advice – Effective Change Strategies – Processes and Recommendations

Studies show that the average person retains about 5% of what they read. If someone takes the time to communicate something that they have read to others, they increase their retention by another 10% to 15%. If they actually practice or teach this new information, however, they increase their retention level to between 60% and 75%.

This speaks to the heart of what makes Do Not Go Quietly valuable, because it not only articulates and explores a number of concepts and explores relevant ideas, it is also interactive and experiential. It is written as a well-paced, interactive personal conversation between the authors and the reader. Each chapter offers practical advice, specific recommendations, and number of techniques and exercises the reader can apply and share to refresh and renew mind, body and spirit and, if they wish, redefine some of their core values and life strategies.

Unlike coaching experiences that take place in a therapist’s office or a seminar room, however, the pages of Do Not Go Quietly allow the reader to approach learning to live more consciously and age wisely at their own pace and in the privacy of their home or office.

The readers also have the opportunity to experiment with state-of-the-art change technologies including valuable guided imagery processes that lead them on intriguing journeys from which they can explore alternate visions for the next phase of their lives.

In short, Do Not Go Quietly is part inspiration, part information, part interactive coaching experience, part workbook, and above all, a practical and relevant guide to more conscious and successful living and aging in the brave new world in which we will all soon be living.

To Compliment the book, readers will find a number of very valuable elements on www.DoNotGoQuietlyTheBook.com

Guide Imagery Processes – Throughout Do Not Go Quietly, the reader is invited to pause and listen to valuable guided imagery processes. These will be found in a private folder available only to readers on the book’s web site.

S.E.L.F. Skills and Life Wellness Facts – A powerful series of wellness skills and inspiring facts and descriptions that provide the reader with practical techniques help create greater energy, balance and with physical, emotional and mental well-being.

P.E.P, The Personal Energy Program – A new video program that includes a unique and innovative distillation of ancient and contemporary wellness practices that readers can incorporate into their daily lives and take with them wherever they go.

WEEKLY BLOGS – Valuable and essential topics that expand on work covered in the book.

WEBINARS, TELESEMINARS, eBooks – Featuring George and Sedena Cappannelli and a number of leading experts and authors of our time.


Throughout Do No Go Quietly, are encouragements, support and tons of inspiration. Life Inspirations are short, motivational stories about people who demonstrate some of the best principles of conscious living. Each chapter also concludes with a section that has some Life Rules, Life Achievements and Life Tools. Finally, you will have the opportunity to explore a number of S.E.L.F Skills and Life Wellness Facts that provide practical techniques to create greater energy and balance along with physical, emotional and mental well-being.