rev_michael_beckwith“When you first meet certain people, you can instantly tell what ignites their hearts and souls. You can immediately see that spark when you hear George and Sedena Cappannelli illuminate the wisdom and life-affirming contributions about individuals who are—as I like to call it—moving from “aging to saging.” Do Not Go Quietly offers invaluable insights into what is an increasingly vital subject of our time and our collective future.”Michael Bernard Beckwith, Founder and Spiritual Director of Agape International Spiritual Center and Best Selling Author


In Do Not Go Quietly, the Cappannelli’s remind us that the road to a more conscious future passes directly through the process of harvesting the wisdom and experience of our past and participating individually and collectively in writing a new ‘third act’ for the future.”Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, Author of Age-ing Into Sage-ing and Founder of The Spiritual Eldering Movement


“Profound, compassionate and deeply useful, this book is a guide to the genius and capacities inherent in the second half of life. It brooks no whiney nay-saying but rather offers a repositioning of the senior in our time.  Seniors become the midwives of souls, the evoctateurs of self and society.”Jean Houston, Wise woman, UN Envoy To 105 Countries and Best Selling Author


“George and Sedena have written a thoughtful, thorough and surprising book on the wisdom of aging. It inspires and encourages us to live fully at any age; to act boldly for the sake of the world as well as our own souls.”Michael  Meade, Mythologist, Story Teller and Author of Fate and Destiny



melina_bellows“George and Sedena Cappannelli are the real deal. Their coaching work with world-class organizations and individuals gets to the heart of the matter. And when it comes to transformation, it is certainly heart wisdom that matters.”Melina Bellows, Contributing Writer, O Magazine and The Washingtonian




laurel_airica“Do NOT Go Quietly is a rallying call to Boomers and Elders reminding us that the best is yet to come—if we are willing to cultivate and share the gifts we brought with us into this life. Through this book, and all that they offer through, Age Nation, George and Sedena Cappannelli are paving the way for this surging population of people in the second half of life to stand up—individually and collectively—to make a positive difference in the world. Together, the Cappannelli’s demonstrate that if each one of us commits to actualizing our greatest potential to make a unique contribution—and we use the vast power of our numbers to influence public policy in more humane directions—then we can elevate the lasting legacy of culture and consciousness we leave to succeeding generations.” — Laurel Airica – Poet, Writer, Literary Editor

stephen_powers“Do Not Go Quietly is the right message at the right time –an essential survival guide for modern society that increasingly values youth and beauty more than wisdom and experience. Right now, as 50% of the world’s population begin to enter their ‘Golden Age’ as seniors and elders, this compassionately articulated call-to-action shows the way for global economic policy, political leadership, wholistic health practices, sustainable and harmonious living and sensible personal priorities; not from the mouth of babes–but from the wisest and most understanding amongst us- our venerable seniors and elders. Listen up!–Spirit is speaking through George and Sedena Cappannelli.”Stephen Powers, President, Agape International Media